As a general aviation operator in Stuttgart, we are currently looking for committed employees. We offer secure jobs in a business and general aviation sector that is also currently growing, and we value long-term contracts and service-oriented employees who are enthusiastic about aviation.

Employee in the aircraft handling department

Ramp Agent (m/f/d)

- Full-time/part-time/mini-job -

As a ramp agent, you are responsible for the general aviation apron and the aircraft hangars and for their smooth operation. The work processes must be carried out in accordance with aviation regulations and safety.

Towing aircraft, waving in and follow-me, coordinating parking positions, monitoring and checks on the apron, contact person for pilots and VIP passengers.

The job as a ramp agent is varied and exciting.

Employee in the VIP Service department

VIP-Service-Agent (m/f/d)

- Part-time/mini-job - 

For airline passengers who value individual attention during their stay at the airport, we offer a VIP service in Stuttgart.

Discretion during the stay, limousine shuttle to the aircraft, lounge with catering in the GAT terminal, no waiting times at security checks. As a VIP service agent, you will ensure that everything runs smoothly and unobtrusively so that the VIP passenger has nothing to worry about:  Arriving at the General Aviation Terminal, relaxing in the lounge and boarding the aircraft.

As a dynamically growing sector, we are always on the lookout for cosmopolitan and service-oriented people.

Employee in the Handling & Operation department

Handling-Agent (m/f/d)

- Full-time/part-time/mini-job -

In Private & Business Aviation, every flight is individual, as there is no "standardized" handling procedure.

As a handling agent, you will have direct customer contact and, as a representative of our company, will be the first person to welcome our customers. You are responsible for many services during the stay for crews and passengers and ensure smooth and customer-oriented processing of a wide variety of procedures.

Organizational talent is required to meet individual customer requests.

Employee in the Safety Management department

Safety Manager (m/f/d)

- Full-time - 

Quality standards and safety regulations have a very high priority in aviation. EASA guidelines for ground handlers and legal requirements for aircraft operators must be constantly updated, trained and monitored.

For this we need experienced employees who support our station management and have one or more of the following additional qualifications or would like to continue their training in this area:

  • Safety Officer
  • Safety management

Advertised positions are not yet filled, you can apply for the corresponding job offer at any time.

Procedure for your application

01. Job interview

Please be patient if you do not hear from us immediately, we always have a few applicants and we try to make the application process as efficient as possible. If your application documents have drawn our attention to you, we will contact you to arrange an interview.

02. Trial work

We invite you to a trial working day to get to know each other better. This will give you a good insight into the work at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT).

03. Background check (ZÜP) for the airport ID card

A positive background check (ZÜP) is mandatory for working at the airport in order to obtain the airport ID card, which is required to enter areas of the airport that are not generally accessible.

The entire procedure takes 2-6 weeks, depending on how busy the regional council is.

Please send your documents to:​​​​​​​

Marco Lange (Station Manager):



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